My INSS is a government resource that has made life easier for those who contribute to social security.
Here we will talk about this tool and also show you how you can access it from any device.

What is My INSS?

My INSS was created in the year 2017 and it has information about social security benefits, such as: labor history, contributions, etc., and also through it it is possible to request and follow up administrative processes.

This tool, made for the insured, is accessible from both the computer and the cell phone.

The services available on this platform are:

The services available on this platform are:

– Medical expertise: It is possible to schedule medical expertise to apply for benefits such as accident or sick pay. This is one of the available services that do not need to register on the platform;

– Request for benefits: through this tool you can apply for benefits such as sickness, retirement or death pension, and your request will be forwarded to the nearest INSS agency and you can follow the progress of your request through the platform;

– INSS statement: also check your statement of contributions to the INSS and many other information, such as employment link, through the CNIS (social security statement), which is the beneficiary’s history in the INSS system and before could only be obtained by appearing to an INSS agency;Simulate contribution: With this tool you can carry out the simulation of contribution to the INSS and know everything you need to withdraw for contribution time;

The Payroll Loan is a type of credit intended for beneficiaries 

The Payroll Loan is a type of credit intended for beneficiaries 

– Payroll Loan Statement: The Payroll Loan is a type of credit intended for beneficiaries of the National Social Security Institute (INSS). And through the tool My INSS you can also consult the extract of this service, can obtain information such as quantity and values ​​of the parcels, term and more.

With My INSS the insured has more practicality and agility in obtaining information, schedules, follow-ups and requests.

How to access the MYSS INSS: creating registration

Now we will show you step by step how to register and access the My INSS portal. Check-out:

1 – To access the My INSS portal you need a login and a password. And for this we will show you how to do your registration on the platform. First, just access the following address: 

This is the portal home screen:

2 – Accessing the site, now just click on the icon that is in the right corner of the screen written “Enter”. The next step is to click “Login”. Then a screen will appear in the background and you should click on “Register”. As the image below shows:

3 – On the screen that appears now click again on “Register”. You may see a screen saying that you will be prompted for some data and asked some questions, if this happens click “Continue”. See the image below:

4 – Another window will open and you will be asked for date such as CPF, date of birth, your full name, your email, mobile number and mother’s name. Fill in what you requested.

5 – On the same screen, check that the system knows that you are a human and not a robot, just click on “I am not a robot” and the requested procedure. Once this is done, press the “Next” button to continue the registration.

6 – The following screen will ask some questions regarding the link you have in the INSS. The first question will be about your last paid salary with a formal contract. After you answer this question and click “Next”, the next question will be about the companies where you have worked.

7 – There will be 5 questions in total about your employment relationship and your contribution to the INSS. Go answering and clicking “Next

8 – After answering all the questions, at the end you will receive an initial password to access My INSS. Save this password, but do not close this page yet, because we’ll get back to it later.

How to access MESS INSS: your first access to the platform

How to access MESS INSS: your first access to the platform

Remember that you received an initial password to access the platform? And we told you not to close the page where the password was generated? Well, you should now, on this page, click on the icon where it says “My INSS”. It will open another page.

As the name says, the password you receive is a non-permanent password, so your first login will prompt you to change the password. In this screen you must enter the initial password and then the new password you created. Follow the instructions to create a secure password. Then just click “Change Password”. Keep the password that you have created in a safe place, since it is with you that you will always access the platform.

On the next screen, you will be asked for access to your CPF, NIT and full name data, click “I authorize”.

Ready! You are now in the INSS platform and can access the available resources.

All services that you can access through this portal will be on the left side.

In the My INSS platform, in addition to the services we mentioned before the INSS Extract, medical expertise, CNIS, etc., you still have access to other services such as:

– Letter of Concession of the Benefit;

– Personal Income Tax (IRPF) statement;

– Declaration of Benefits (Consta / Consta);

– Search on Maternity Salary;

– Search INSS Agencies more Close;

– Declaration for the Individual Taxpayer (DRSCI).

It is worth mentioning that there are services that you can access without the password needs, such as the marking of medical expertise (as we have already mentioned before) and also the scheduling to admit INSS benefit.

Still had doubts? Do not hesitate to contact us to assist you.

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